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Hi-Rel Products experienced sales engineers work closely with clients to support product sales and application assistance. We provide solutions for world class manufacturers in environmental test and measurement in Florida, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina to a wide range of industries.

Cincinnati SubZero : Test Chambers

We offer over 200 Models of Environmental Test Chambers designed for development, research , production and reliability application. Our customers test small components to large complex spacecraft assemblies and finished products. With a wide range of configurations to meet industry test standards


Over 200- Standard Models sized from 1.2 cf to 96cf

Temp ranges from( -70 ,-45 or -30 C) to 190C

Humidity options of 10 to 98% and low humidity options

Full Function 570s Touch Screen controller (icon and menu navigation)

Ethernet/USB/Rs232 included

Datalogger w/automated FTP Ethernet backup

Rapid Temp Change rates up to 25C/min

Standard Window

Product Control Thermalcoupler

Custom Chambers for Aircraft and Spaceflight

Sentek Dynamics

supplies vibration test equipment to reproduce real-world environmental conditions for global manufacturers and offers technology capable of reproducing a wide-variety of test requirements – vibration (sine, random, shock, SoR, RoR, RSTD and others), data recording and dynamic signal analysis.

Electro-Dynamic Shakers:

Permanent Magnet Table Top Shaker

Low Force Shakers: Air-cooled 220 to 2200 lbf

Air Cooled 3,000 to lbf , 2” displacement

Long Stroke Shakers: 6600 to 12,000 lbf 3 & 4” displacement

3 Axis Shakers: 2200 to 13200 lb

High Force Shakers: to 36,000lbf

Extra High Force: to 88,000lbf

Crystal Controllers: Sine-Random-Shock / 4-8-16 channels up to 512 inputs

Slip Tables/Head Expanders